We’ve built a platform
for you to invest, earn and watch the investment you made grow while earning.

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchian – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way investors earn capital and the way investors earn on the investments they make.

What is Bonds Investment Token? Where can I invest ?

Bonds Investment Token $BIT is a erc20 coin trading on the ethereum blockchain. To buy $BIT please click here

Decentralized Platform

Decentralized trading is the future of crypto trading. Bonds is the future of decentralized trading. This token is like no other! Investors earn not just by investing and watching the price of the token rise but by earning passive income in the form of USDT 3% or 6% BUSD depending on the blockchain you use to buy $BIT. Rewards are based on the volume sent to your crypto wallet based on the amount you invest. So early investors are rewarded the most and large investments get the most returns. Erc20 tokens normally have more volume hence the lower rewards rate however the dollar amount is the same.

Passive income

By holding $BIT you generate passive income and as that income grows the realization of the investment you made will come into effect.

Feeder Contract

Feeder contract is our invention. Our contract will be used by other token creators and their holders will be getting rewards in $BIT in return giving their holders USDT because they own $BIT. What happens is this: Each time the tokens that use our contract get a buy or a sell on their own coin a sale is triggered on our coin $BIT. The concept generates buying pressure, raises out market cap and liquidity and gives our holders more USDT / BUSD daily.

How to invest in $BIT

You can get more information and connect with other holders by following us on our social pages. Telegram is where you can interact with our followers and meet the team. Join us on Telegram

$BIT Made simple This is how it works

You as a investor in $BIT will see gains on the chart and get passive income as the market cap grows. Lets make it easy and explain the details in a way anyone can understand.

$BIT Investors

  • Earn Passive income by getting USDT / BUSD in your wallet daily. 3% of all trading volume is distributed to our investors daily. 6% on our bep20 token. Erc20 tokens normally get more volume hence the difference in rewards percentage.
  • You do not need to stake your $BIT coins or do anything just hold it and earn.
  • The best part is the value of the investment you make will constantly grow as your passive income grows.

Feeder Smart Contract Network

  • What is a feeder Smart Contract? Its a Smart Contract that will be used by other crypto creators.
  • The Crypto creators that use our contract will give their holders $BIT as rewards. These rewards will give their holders $BIT and that $BIT will give them USDT / BUSD because they automatically get USDT / BUSD by holding $BIT.
  • Because rewards on smart contracts are distributed based on trading volume and trading volume is based on the amount of buys and sells basically it doesn’t matter if the other coins using our contract are getting a buy or sell all volume triggers a buy on $BIT.

Crypto Developers

  • Crypto developers would use our smart contract for more than one reason. Mainly because we can offer free consulting and services that would normally cost a lot.
  • We pick developers that are willing to pass a KYC process and create an a larger community of tokens that are safe for investors all while generating more profit and passive income for our holders.
  • How to network with other investors / like-minded people?

What you get out of all this?

  • Profit and passive income.
  • Early entry and ability to invest in coins we bring in to our environment.
  • The ability to network with other investors / like-minded people.


May 2022

Launch Erc20 token & Bep20 version two days apart to make sure we cover the largest two blockchain user base.

June 2022

Launch of Bonds Dex a multi-chain swap and listing site.

July 2022

600 holders on both Erc20 and Bsc20 contracts and listing on CMC

July 2022

Exchange Listing

July 2022

Mass introduction of ecosystem for brand growth and increase market share.

July 2022

Milti-Chain integration and creation of our own blockchain and explorer.


As seen in

Tokenomics Tokenomics

Erc20: 3% Marketing, 3% Developer, 3% Holder rewards in USDT, 1% Liquidity.

Bep20: 4% Marketing, 4% Developer, 6% Holder rewards in BUSD, 1% Liquidity.

Contact $BIT team Contact $BIT team

Both Devs have been Doxxed and passed a full KYC.